About us

We are a design-driven luxury sent making company.

I started this company has a side project for my daughter. She loved watching me make candles, so I decided why not make a business out of it and teach at the same time. Hmmm, the name is misspelled what gives?? Well, the little one came up with it and being a single mother, I decided not to fight this one and get her upset, so I just ran with it. 

“Highest quality candles.”

~ Sam S

My candles are made with 100% Soy and Eco-friendly wood wicks. I love the planet and I wanted to use something that was natural and biodegradable. So, we use tin cases for my candles and wood wicks. For the packaging I use 100% recyclable boxes and biodegradable tape. I believe in a safer environment, so my goal is to make candles that are not harmful to humans or the planet.


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